Dr Richard Curtis

Dr Curtis qualified in 1991 from St Bartholomew’s Medical College London. He did a variety of hospital posts before becoming a General Practitioner in 1995. After doing an MBA course he spent 3 years working in the pharmaceutical industry at a senior level across the medical, sales and marketing functions.

For the last 5 years he has run the London Gender Clinic and the Hair Removal Clinic under the Transhealth umbrella, seeing many hundreds of Trans patients each year.

With a deep understanding of patient's needs, he has substantial expertise in helping people with gender dysphoria seeking to undergo gender reassignment achieve the best outcome throughout the course of their journey.

With knowledge of the worldwide options for surgery, as well as in-depth experience of hormonal prescribing and monitoring, he is able to provide a “one stop” service. His approach at the London Gender Clinic receives an extremely high satisfaction rating from patients.

With a personable, relaxed, non judgemental approach he discusses treatment options and patient agendas in a frank manner. He provides a sensitive, patient centred transgender healthcare service which offers comprehensive help along with his colleagues, who undertake gender counselling and hair removal to facilitate all that is necessary to undergo social and physical gender reassignment.

“A gender clinic should be empathetic to the differing needs of patients undergoing surgery or hormonal intervention and timely access to a one stop service for gender reassignment is a valuable source”

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“Dr Curtis treats me as a person with the utmost respect, empathy and is able to give comprehensive, objective information and advice. His service is 1st class and works in perfect partnership with other private agencies and the NHS.”

“I love seeing Dr Curtis as It’s like chatting with a good friend but one that can actually help you, guide you and make you feel important and valued. He has a friendly, easy manner to help you through some pretty difficult times.”

“Thank you to Dr Curtis and all the team for all their help and care; it was such a relief finally to be able to speak to a gender specialist. I was particularly impressed with the flexibility Dr Curtis Showed in taking in to account my wishes regarding treatment and the focus on my safety and welfare.”